The systematic CRM for high-value customers

The systematic CRM for high-value customers


Good systems are the cornerstone of any successful business

Systems run the business, and people run the systems.
— Michael Gerber
Anything that can be measured can be improved
— Michael Dell

What are systems, and why are they so important?

Every business is ultimately the result of its processes:

Value creation and delivery, customer acquisition and service, accounting, team, etc.

Systems are frameworks that outline how to complete these processes. i.e. workflows, checklists, templates, etc.

Systems provide structure for a business.

ezIQ applies the power of systems to relationship management.



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Increase Conversion Rates

Don't let anyone fall through the cracks and ensure every relationship is nurtured, to convert more prospects into customers and customers into fans.

Workflows provide timely reminders when it's time to reach out to a prospect or client.

Save Time

Don't waste time or energy reinventing your process every time you meet a prospect or obtain a customer. Consistent and repeatable processes increase efficiency dramatically.

Workflows add a series of reminders to your to-do list, one for each step in a process.

i.e. Sales and prospecting, customer engagement, new customer check-ins, client retention follow ups, etc.


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Streamline Processes

Complete processes with consistency, predictability, and accuracy improving the buying experience, customer satisfaction, and retention.

Checklists bring all the steps of a process together, so you can see the big picture.

Save Time

Never again scour your inbox to figure out where you are on a process. Quickly get all you need to know regarding what you've done and what to do next in one spot.

Checklists show you an entire process at once, with statuses and notes at each step.

i.e. Customer onboarding, transaction details, order fulfillment, quoting, application requests, custom projects, etc.


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Promote Scalability

Maintain brand continuity, deliver a consistent customer experience, and adhere to compliance guidelines, easily and no matter who is performing the outreach.

Email templates populate pre-written emails.
Text messages templates copy-paste into messengers.
Call scripts outline what to say.

Save Time

No more wasting time writing and re-writing the perfect email, text, or call outline at every touchpoint.

Email templates, text messages templates, and call scripts do the leg work for you.

Just choose a template and go!

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ezIQ users have seen big improvements to their businesses.

More Prospects Converted to Customers
Increase in Sales Made
More Customers Retained
Faster Fulfillment Times

Trusted by...

"I literally sleep better knowing ezIQ will tell me what I need to do tomorrow, and that I didn't forget to do anything today.”

-Ryan Sawyer, Sawyer's Painting

"We use ezIQ religiously, it tells us what to do everyday!”

-Jared Tawney, Greater Spokane Incorporated

"The workflows for my daily to-do tell me exactly what to do and the 30-second email, I was doing that in 15 - 20 minutes before."

-Jolene Fisher, No Bad Days

"ezIQ brings in ten-times what I pay for it every month."
Can we use that?
"Heck yes, I love your product!”

-Aaron LeBlanc, North Town Insurance

"We have many processes in our medical business, and ezIQ keeps them all organized with ease!”

-Julie Morin, Bale Doneen Method

"ezIQ has been a real life saver! The youth travel business is very complex, and ezIQ has the power and adaptability to simplify our processes and make life easier.

-Dustin Daugherty, Quo Student Travel