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Empower people to live lives full of freedom and fulfillment by helping their business be less stressful and more successful.

ezIQ's tools and resources primarily cultivate three business principles.





Chad Cleveland

Chad Cleveland - Founder

Born and raised in Spokane Valley, WA I graduated from Washington State University in 2006, and enjoyed a 5 year career managing golf clubs and resorts across the U.S. before moved back home in 2011.

When it comes to work, my favorite part is being done, so in an effort to reach completion quickly I always ask myself "How I can work smarter; not harder?" I've realized that effective systems are how. So I've spent my career focused on creating repeatable processes, or systems, at various sales and management positions across the country, making lasting improvements ranging from sales workflows to integrated pest management, from order fulfillment systems to team coordination.

Now, this same philosophy has spurred ezIQ, an innovative, “Think Easy” solution to customer relationship management (CRM).

ezIQ first began after I accepted a position as a sales manager for a local insurance agency. I knew that we needed a system to easily monitor, track, and report on the agency’s activities, but finding adequate software proved harder than initially thought; in fact, we came up empty. Most CRMs were cluttered and unintuitive — developed by computer programmers unfamiliar with the industry. What we needed was a CRM from the mind of a sales manager.

Instead of waiting for a solution, I built an application that helped propel our agency to the 4th highest producing agency in Washington within our company — all of this with only two licensed salespeople.

When the calls to ask us how we did it became frequent; that was my light bulb moment. Since then, my team and I have been tirelessly developing and improving this proprietary software — making intuitive, time-saving CRM an accessible reality.

Now, ezIQ is ready to help people think easy.