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Stay in your Power Center

When you're feeling stressed or out of control, focus on Controlling the Controllables.

What do you really have control over?

Success Coach, Bill Tierney, has a useful tool that easily describes this called the Power Center. Basically, when you are empowered and in control you are in the Power Center. When you are feeling stressed, out-of-control, or powerless, you are spending energy in one of four places that you have no control over.

  1. Someone else's business
  2. Circumstances
  3. The Past
  4. The Future

Life is going to happen and circumstances are going to change. People are going to be themselves and that may not line up with what you want. The past is fixed and the future is nothing more than a concept.


Here is a fun, short video from RedBull on controlling the controllables, or what Gary Pritchard refers to as EAR. Effort - Attitude - Response.



Control the controllables. Live as your best self in the present moment and circumstances will be nothing more than facts, others people's poor behavior will stop affecting you, the past will serve as a guide not a mandate, and the future is yours for the making.