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4 Tips for Working from Home

Do you work, or are you think about working from home? Here are some tips to make sure you stay productive at your home office.

1. Set office hours

Set periods of time that you'll focus on work. During these hours commit to working in your home-office; don't check the laundry, don't mow the lawn, don't do the dishes; do work. Sure, there will be times that your kids need you or the carpet cleaner needs you to let them in. Basically, if it's important enough to drive home, then it's important enough to pause working from home, but don't be a squirrel.

2. Dress the part

You've heard the cliché "I love working from home because I get to work in my pajamas". Pajamas put your mind in a relaxed and lazy state, like when you're getting ready for bed. To be a peak performance get ready for work not bed.

3. Work from a desk in an office

Don't work from the couch, your arm-chair, or even worse, bed. Work in a quite room, use an upright chair, and put your computer on a desk or table. Set up your space with typical office decor, supplies, and equipment.

4. Keep your home clean and free of distractions

You have to put in a bit of extra work outside of your office hours to make sure your home is clean and free of other distractions. I'm not saying kick your family or roommate out of your house or to be a clean-freak, but don't give yourself an opportunity to get easily distracted.

Working from home is a big draw of entrepreneurship, but make sure it suits productivity or your entrepreneurial endeavor will have a hurdle every day at the office.