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The Top 10 Sales Tactics to Improve Your Trustworthiness

Selling can be one of the most rewarding tasks you'll undertake as a business owner, but only if you follow these 10 tactics.

Len Foley has put together a great list of Sales Laws. We have implemented these at ezIQ, and our sales have seen significant improvement. We outline the list below. You can find the entire article at HERE.

If you want your prospects to hand over their credit card, learn and follow these Sales Laws!

1st Law of Sales: Keep your mouth shut and open your ears.

2nd Law of Sales: Sell with questions, not answers.

3rd Law of Sales: Pretend you're on a first date with your prospect.

4th Law of Sales: Speak to your prospect just as you speak to your family and friends.

5th Law of Sales: Pay close attention to what your prospect isn't saying.

6th Law of Sales: If you're asked a question, answer is briefly and then move on.

7th Law of Sales: Only after you've correctly assessed the needs of your prospect do you mention anything about what your offering.

8th Law of Sales: Refrain from delivering a three-hour product seminar.

9th Law of Sales: Ask the prospect if there are any barriers to them taking the next logical step.

10th Law of Sales: Invite your prospect to take some kind of action.