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Top 3 reasons to use Systems in your business.

So you've started your own business. Great! Now, how do you build it so that it will grow easily and provide you the freedom and fulfillment you want? Systems.

Systems are simply processes that make sales, support, hiring, fulfillment, marketing, billing, and every other business process duplicatable. With systems you can deliver a consistent customer experience, hire people and trust they will know exactly what to do, measure different actions to see which work better, and put your business to work for you so you can enjoy the benefits of being a business owner.

Sales Force, the world's leading Customer Relationship Management company has shown that implementing a CRM (CRM is Customer Relationship Management; just one of many types of systems used in business) can provide some tangible benefits, which include:

  1. 29% increase in sales - make more money
  2. 34% increase in productivity - work less
  3. 42% increase in forecast accuracy - recruit with confidence

Michael Gerber, author of the incredible book The E-Myth, instructs that systems come in many forms and are the difference between a stressful, failing business and a freeing, successful business.

Some examples of systems that you can implement in your business include:

  • Operations manuals
  • Sales and service workflows
  • Billing and fulfillment processes
  • Checklists
  • Scripts for engaging with customers and prospects
  • Hiring and firing protocols
  • Email templates
  • etc.

How do you implement systems in your business? It's easy!

  1. Look at things that you do often in your business.
  2. Break them down into step-by-step processes
  3. Write down the steps
  4. Put them into action!

Just start with one, which will free up time to work on another, then another, then another. Soon, your business will be set up for scalable growth and will be running on cruise control.